As is probably common knowledge by now, Pano is a wonderful tool to create beautiful panoramic photos with your iPhone.

We at Debacle Software were so impressed to see the amazing panoramas posted on our Flickr Group, that we felt we needed to reward our users’ efforts.

So, we rounded up some prizes and some judges and we’re proud to present the I Love Pano Pano Panorama Contest!

If you don't have Pano yet, what are you waiting for? Get it now!

To facilitate the process, we’ve opened up a special I Love Pano Flickr Group for submissions. Simply add your Pano-created panorama to the group before July 1st, 2009 and we’ll take it from there!

• All entries must have been made using Pano for iPhone.

• No photo-manipulation.

• One submission per person! Give us your very very best.

• All submissions must adhere to Flickr’s Community Guidelines.

• We at Debacle Software reserve the right to disqualify any submission that breaks any of the above rules.

We are very pleased to have procured some fantastic prizes from some awesome companies! For our winners, we have:

DX007 Backup Batteries with Flashlight for iPhone from Richard|Solo

Gorillapod Go-Go! tripods from Joby

iPhone 3G Gelaskins

Flickr Pro accounts

The I Love Pano contest winners will be hand-picked by the creators of Pano and a few celebrity guest judges!

Adam Cohen - Developer, Debacle Software

Julian Lepinski - Developer, Debacle Software

Eric Akaoka - Designer, Debacle Software

Steven Sande - Blogger, TUAW

Chris Ullrich - Blogger, TUAW

Robert Palmer - Blogger, TUAW

Tom Hesser - Blogger, Macworld